Spotlight: John Hall

bantam d10.jpg

How did you get started with motorcycles – how/when did you learn to ride, and what was your first bike?: Bike mad as a kid! In 1974, 12 week RAC/ACU course, bought a 1967 BSA D10 Bantam 4 speed, 10-ish bhp, followed in 1976 by a BSA 441 Shooting Star, then a back up Honda CB250 RS. (John has been collecting interesting bikes and projects ever since, see below)

What bikes do you currently own? Are they riders or projects?:

3 Kawasakis: Z650 and 2 ZL Eliminators (1 is a restoration project)

2 BMWs: K75S and K75C

2 Nortons: 600 Dominator and 930cc Norton-Imp project

1 NorBSA Street Scrambler

Will look for a good example of an American CHIPS Kawasaki soon! Soon 2 b 3 riders and 4 projects!

If you race(d), what is your favorite race story?: Only on Public roads!

What is your most memorable motorcycle trip or adventure?: I am a UK resident, English! Riding up from Kent to the Isle of Man TT 's!

What is your favorite piece of gear?: My Leathers

You have $25,000 to spend on anything in the world of motorcycles - 1 new bike, several old bikes, track days, a trip, you name it. How do you spend it?: Probably a "J.A.P" V-twin engined "feather-bed"! Or a Super cruiser touring machine!

What is your favorite part of a motorcycle to work on, and what tips or tricks do you have that would help the rest of us with that part?: I like restoring bikes but have a thing about engines running spot on! Coke is a good cleaner/degreaser, but not good to drink! Wash out thoroughly afterwards though!

What do you wish existed for motorcycling that either doesn’t or is nearly unobtainable?: Practicality of builds and servicing and safer roads, here the conditions of some of the roads are awful