Spotlight: Pete Donaldson

Yamaha RT1.jpg

How did you get started with motorcycles – how/when did you learn to ride, and what was your first bike?:  First bike I rode was a BSA Bantam, first bike I owned was a 1970-ish YAMAHA RT1 360 trail bike which was a beast, should have turned me off bikes for life, but it didn't. Many bikes later I am still riding them.

What bikes do you currently own? Are they riders or projects?: 

  • 1972 BMW R75/5

  • 1975 Honda CB400F

  • 1976 BMW R90S

  • 2012 Suzuki V-Strom 650

You have $25,000 to spend on anything in the world of motorcycles - 1 new bike, several old bikes, track days, a trip, you name it. How do you spend it?:  BMW R69S

What is your favorite part of a motorcycle to work on, and what tips or tricks do you have that would help the rest of us with that part?:  Servicing, I am a reluctant mechanic, but blunder my way through, I was a fitter by profession.

1979 Moto Comparison Test: Honda XR185 vs Kawasaki KD175 vs Suzuki DS185 vs Yamaha MX175

“Here are four bikes for beginners who are earning their dirt merit badges, from Tenderfoot of the Trail to Rockhound, First Class. One motorcycle is the Best Buy, another is the Best Bike.

Do you ride for fun rather than thrills? Are you dollar-conscious? Do you have little off-road experience? Proceed to the Best Buy.

But if your riding partners call you the Wild Man, if J. Paul Getty is your hero, and if you refuse to think of yourself as a bloody-nosed wobbler, then set your sights on the Best Bike.”